There are different reasons to call for pest control. Maybe you don’t have the time to do it yourself; maybe the pests have spread to areas of your home that are unreachable or are perhaps unsafe. Whatever your reasons, you’ll need a pest control professional that gets the job done in a safe and efficient manner. If you live in the Savannah-Richmond Hill-Garden City area, your best bet is to call Economic Exterminators for a service you can’t beat.

Why Us?

First and foremost, we offer affordable and quality services. Why sacrifice one for the other? We have special offers such as one month free of pest control service to our first-time customers, and these offers can be easily found on our website. We invite new customers especially to call, so they can get a fair estimate of our services. While we boast pest control, we also have offered such services as crawl space encapsulation and crawl space cleaning for those who might need it.

We Are Here For You

We’re a locally grown and owned business. Consider us your friendly, old neighbors that have been around since 1951, taking care of you and your home. We’re loyal to the Savannah, Garden Hill, and Richmond Hill neighborhoods and customers we’ve worked with for decades, and we’re incredibly knowledgeable of the critters that live in the area. Because we’ve been around for so long, we’ve had a chance to learn the industry and our trade, and we’re bringing all of what we’ve learned to your doorstep.


Even though we’ve been around for so long, we’re not old fashioned. We’ve learned and grown along the way. We use the latest equipment for each of our services, and our technicians receive up to date training to keep them at the top of their game. This guarantees our unique and superior level of service. Not only that but we use the latest technology to keep in touch with you, our customers! You can call us by phone, email us, or find us on social networks.

Tips & Tricks

We’re also a pest control company that educates. We communicate the best solution to our customer’s situation, but it doesn’t stop there. On our website, our blog has tips on at-home pest control; you can also learn about seasonal bugs, what encapsulation is, and why you should consider crawl space cleaning. Our blog can help you learn a bit more about the pests that might be common around your area.

We Care

We’re the company that has grown up with each neighborhood we’ve served. We’re a company that cares about quality, integrity, and in building good customer relations. We’ve built and staked our reputation in offering exceptional pest control service, and we welcome customers new and old to come do business with us.

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