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Pest Control Tips - Economic Exterminators Savannah

Termite Roundup A Collection of Our Termite Control Resources

Termite Roundup: A Collection of Our Termite Control Resources

Are You Ready for Termite Season? We’ll Get You There! The map of America can be broken down into countless categories, from where to find the…

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rodent control economic exterminators 2 - Rats & Mice

Rats & Mice 101

It’s safe to say that the majority of homes across the country have some type of four-legged friend. However, the unwanted pests that make their way…

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Preparing Your House for Winter Economic Exterminators

Preparing Your House for Winter

Summer Isn’t the Only Season for Pests Many people operate under the assumption that winter means pests go into hibernation and maintenance can fall by the…

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Fall Webworm Caterpillars 101 Economic Exterminators

Fall Webworm Caterpillars 101

Fall Webworm Caterpillars 101 You may have noticed swaths of white webbing covering probably the majority of trees and bushes in your yard. They seem to…

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