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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Recovery

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

And Why Should You Be Doing It?

Your First Line of Defense

If your home is your principle investment then your Crawl Space is the foundation where that investment stands.
Your Crawl Space is the border between your home and the moist, bug infested land beneath it. Encapsulation is the process of sealing your Crawl Space from that environment to create a reliable boundary that greatly reduces the moisture and temperature both beneath and inside your home.
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The Benefits of Encapsulation

There are many reasons why you and your family can benefit from Crawl Space Encapsulation. Here are a few of the biggest advantages.
  • Increased lifespan of both flooring and HVAC equipment
  • Better air quality in your home
  • Increased energy efficiency. The Advanced Energy studies have found a nearly 20% reduction in energy use in homes with an encapsulated crawl space.
  • Fewer Pest Problems
  • Cooler Crawl Space Temperatures
  • A more comfortable home because of reduced humidity and crawl space temperatures close to living space temperatures

Quality Crawl Space Encapsulation - Crawl Space Clean Savannah GA Quality Crawl Space Encapsulation - Crawl Space Clean Savannah GA

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Why Crawl Space Encapsulation & Recovery?

When choosing a company for encapsulation it's incredibly important to consider how well that company knows the region you live in and how best to implement encapsulation in the types of homes where you live. At Crawl Space Clean, our experienced technicians can guarantee that:
  • You will receive a free, thorough inspection where we will determine if your crawl space is eligible for encapsulation, assess the scope of the work needed, and be there to answer any and every question you may have regarding the process.
  • You will have 100% vapor barrier between your home and the moisture beneath it
  • You could see lower utility costs as a result of the cooler, dryer temperatures coming from up your crawl space
  • You'll be amazed how much dry, usable, and safe storage space has been recovered beneath your home
  • You will have fever pest problems
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that you've made the best decision you could make to protect the value and integrity of your home and investment

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