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7 Benefits Crawl Space Clean Can Offer You

How often do you visit your crawl space? It might seem just like extra room but a crawl space is a vital part of your home. It also has to be protected from mold, mildew, and termites. If you don’t want your floors to warp or be exposed to air pollutants, you’ll want to check out Economic Exterminators, a qualified pet exterminator in Savannah GA. We have a service called Crawl Space Clean that preserves your crawl space by encapsulating it from things that will eventually ruin your house.

Here are 7 critical benefits Crawl Space Clean can offer you:

Remove Moisture

A primary concern with crawl spaces is their ability to attract water. Water found naturally in the ground, rainwater, and condensation all increase the humidity and warp your floors. Crawl Space Clean helps eliminate this issue when encapsulating the crawl space.

Control House Temperature

Temperature differences between your house and crawl space are reduced by controlling the amount of heat lost through the floor. Crawl Space Clean works the same way as floor insulation does and also has its own benefits such as improving the air and controlling humidity.

Cheaper Energy Bills and Cleaner Air

Crawl space clean can help keep an even temperature throughout the house, minimizing how often you use your HVAC system or how hard it needs to work. Since moisture is being controlled as well, the possibilities of dry rot, mold, and mildew are eliminated. That means you breathe clean, safe air.

Reduce Symptoms of an Infested Crawlspace

By recognizing the symptoms, you can stop the problem before it has a chance to start. Your crawl space before Crawl Space Clean might have an odor or some pest problems. Other issues might include mold, dry rot, rusting duct work, and soft floors.

Control Pest Problems

Termites are a commonly talked about household problem. They love damp wood and cause incredible damage all throughout the home. However, other insects and even rodents are attracted to wet and dark places. A proper barrier like the one with Crawl Space Clean can eliminate moisture and prevent any pests that adapt to that environment.

Increased Structural Integrity

When moisture builds inside of the crawl space, it can seep into the walls and even create wet floors. The Same thing can happen after it rains. Ground water can make the crawl space unstable. To prevent this, Crawl Space Clean creates a vapor barrier.

Increases Storage Space

If your crawl space is easy to access, it can be used as a proper storage space after using Crawl Space Clean. Store tools, craft items, clothing, and other things that may not have a place inside the home or need to be separately organized.

Crawl Space Clean will protect and add value to your home. Get in touch with Economic Exterminators for a free estimate and get up to 50% off their services.


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