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How Crawl Space Cleaning Can Save You Money

We feel confident saying that everyone loves saving money. And we know just the thing that will help you save the big bucks when it comes to protecting your home: crawl space cleaning.

The Savings:

1. Cheaper Energy Bills

Here are the facts: Houses with dirt crawl spaces are more expensive to heat and cool, and vented crawl spaces ALSO cost a lot to heat. Why? Dirt crawl spaces have damp air from the moist ground (which causes high humidity, something we’ll talk about in a second), so heating and cooling require more energy, which costs more money and places a greater strain on your HVAC system. Granted, there are other variables that also influence the cost of your energy bill, such as the number of stories of your home, but research proves a savings of anywhere from 15-35% when you encapsulate your crawl space.

2.  Reclaimed Storage Space

Another thing we feel pretty confident saying is that everyone (especially families with children) loves extra storage space. Parents of growing kids need that extra room for old toys, family heirlooms, or the result of an intense shopping spree on Black Friday. By sealing off your crawl spaces, whether it’s the attic or the basement, you’re saving money by not having to rent a storage unit! The intrinsic value, the thing you can’t count in terms of dollars, if you weren’t hunting down the cheapest, closest storage facility is the fact that you now have the option of storage. Instead of potentially storing pests and rodents, you can clean and seal the space for your own items.

3. Fewer Pests

No one wants creepy creatures living under their house or above their heads in the attic. Not only can rodents contaminate your food and cause allergic reactions in some people, but they can also reproduce at an alarming rate. So if you think you have a mouse problem, you might actually have a “mice” problem. Rodents and other pests are also harmful to the general foundation of your home, usually because they can chew on the important wires and eat away at structural beams. Since these guys love warm, damp crawl spaces, the easiest way to prevent four-legged furry things or many-legged insects from taking up residence in your home is by encapsulation of the places they’d want to live.

4. Increased Lifespan of Your Flooring

Crawl spaces can get incredibly humid. The best solution way to reduce this humidity is ultimately getting the crawl space insulated. Since encapsulation will reduce the humidity level, it will also reduce the chance that your floorboards will buckle under the stress of so much moisture and will reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth, both of which thrive with high humidity and moisture.

Generally speaking, there are a few tell-tale signs when your home could benefit from sealing off the crawl spaces below (or above) your house: high moisture content, buckling floors, and musty odors. A thorough inspection by a professional will reveal these details. So put the calculator down, and let the experts at Economic Exterminator tell you all the ways that you can save with crawl space cleaning.


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