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As much as you’d like to avoid entering the dark, damp crawl space beneath your house, leaving the area untouched can seriously affect your home. When houses are being built, crawl spaces are used typically because they’re less expensive than a basement, while still getting the house off the ground in damp or termite-prone places. They’re also used for air circulation throughout the home. However, despite how scary these dark holes might be, they’re very useful for the placement and servicing of duct work and plumbing.

Air Quality and Temperature

Crawl spaces are typically prone to moisture, which means they’re breeding grounds for mold and mildew as well as pests and insects. The air conditioning then transfers this dirty air into your clean home. In fact, “roughly 40% of your home’s air comes up from your crawl space.” Poor air quality can increase allergies and negatively affect any family members with asthma or weak immune systems. The air also affects the temperature of your home. If the crawl space is normally cold, your air conditioning/heating system will have to work extra hard to heat the home.

Get Rid of Pests

Nobody wants a small village of pests and/or rodents living under their home, especially with young children or pets around. But pests and rodents are naturally drawn to places that are warm, infrequently visited, and have access to food. Not only are these creatures creepy and crawly, but they can damage electrical wiring and duct work, which can cause major issues or result in total power loss. They can even enter the house and leave unwanted droppings on any available surface (including your food), increasing the chance of diseases and dramatically lowering the air quality of your home. You can stop the spread of mice, rats, squirrels, roaches, spiders, and all other pests by hiring a professional to clean the space and do some serious pest control.

Lower Energy Bill

A crawl space that hasn’t been insulated can result in a significant amount of heat escaping your home. Now that you see how important maintaining a clean crawl space is, you can understand the value in encapsulating the space. Encapsulation just means that you hire a professional, such as Economic Exterminator, to install a moisture-proof barrier. By installing this barrier, all the potential issues that would arise from mold, mildew, or moisture are automatically prevented, although it’s still a good idea to schedule regular inspections. In fact, insulating the space can result in 30-50% savings on your energy bills.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Prevent Future Issues

By taking the preventative steps now and cleaning your crawl space, you’re protecting your home and family from any future issues. Mold and moisture in either the attic or crawl space underneath your house can damage the foundation and structure of the building over time. The potential cost of replacing these issues would be painful to the wallet; however, cleaning these spaces or investing in insulation cost incredibly less.


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