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Crawl Space Clean Encapsulation

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Eligibility For Encapsulation

Once we finish your inspection, our technician will inform you as to whether or not your basement is in need of Encapsulation. If any of these signs are present then you are in need of Encapsulation.
  • High Moisture Content In Crawl Space Flooring (Generally over 20%)
  • Floors Starting To Cup or Buckle.
  • Musty Odors Coming From The Crawl Space/Basement

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The Steps To Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

  1. We'll Install Door & Vent Covers: These entry points of air and moisture are our first target when performing your encapsulation. This is incredibly important for two reasons.
    • This keeps moisture from entering your home through these entry ways.
    • This keeps the cool dry. post-encapsulation air where it needs to be, beneath your home.
  2. Next, We Encapsulate Your Crawl Space: This is the most transformative part of the Encapsulation process. It's at this step that we line your crawl space with a durable crawl space lining to create the actual vapor barrier between your home and the environment around it.
  3. The Last Step Is The Installation of A Dehumidifier:The Last Step of the Crawl Space Clean Encapsulation is placing an energy efficient dehumidifier in your newly encapsulated space. This is crucial because this will convert initial encapsulated air to dry air and also purify the quality of the air to protect against moisture, mildew, and dust being present in your newly reclaimed and usable crawl space.

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Our Choice of Dehumidifiers

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We only use the finest American made dehumidifiers and we've found that Santa Fe dehumidifiers are by far the most reliable, energy efficient dehumidifiers on the market.

Counties We Service

  • Chatham
  • Effingham
  • Bryan
  • Liberty

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