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How Does Mosquito Control Work?

Summer. The time of the year that is almost synonymous with the word ‘outside’. It’s a time to be enjoyed and for every homeowner, this serendipitous season marks occasions of barbecues, chaise lounges by the pool, and freshly cut grass. It’s the time to fully enjoy the exterior part of their property. Yet, every year mosquitos show up and threaten to stop these token summer activities. Luckily, Economic provides comprehensive mosquito control. So how does mosquito control work? This month we’re highlighting how mosquito control works so you can reclaim your summer.

The Process of Reclaiming Your Property

So, how does our mosquito control work? Our mosquito control is a simple process but one that relies on the expertise of licensed and trained pest control technicians. This provides the peace of mind that we’re not just protecting your home from mosquitos but also protecting your family and pets from improper application.

  • Step 1: We will inspect your property and develop the best treatment plan to tackle your mosquito problem. The main variable that keeps us from a standardized plan is the size of your property. So many homes differ in both size and topography. The topography is also a huge factor because some properties have standing water issues. Mosquito’s flourish in these environments and eliminating standing water always precedes mosquito control treatments.
  • Step 3: Once a plan is set we will promptly schedule and begin your first treatment. This treatment will include misting all non-flowering foliage with a residual solution that when dried will kill and prevent mosquitos. Our licensed mosquito control techs apply exactly what’s needed for effective treatment while being safe for your family, foliage, and pets and harmless bees on your property.
  • Step 3: Once we treat we will educate you on proper prevention of mosquitos. This includes the all too important task of monitoring standing water issues on your property. Effective treatment plans typically involve recurring service every month.  This assures that proper mosquito control is continuing so we’ll also check the property for any new harboring issues and educate you on what is needed to eliminate those issues.

To DIY or not to DIY.

It’s always tempting to try to save money and either use over-the-counter chemicals or buy commercial trade solutions online. We get it, you have a lot of expenses. Summer activities, vacations, gas, and a number of other things need to take precedent. What you need to consider is the safety the people, pets, and non-mosquito inhabitants of your property.

A professional mosquito control technician will be able to apply the exact amount of solution to the appropriate areas of your property to protect your yard from mosquitoes. Under-application would lead to the problem persisting and over-application would lead to potential safety issues for your vegetation, bees, and most importantly your family and pets.

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