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When it comes to pest control, people will try just about anything to get rid of the creepy crawly critters that invade our homes. We’ve heard our fair share of crazy myths about pests and how to control them over the years. Here are 7 of the most common pest myths (and why they’re not true!).

1. Stinging insects only attack when provoked.

Not true. Wasps are the major offender for this myth, as these guys don’t have to be physically touched to sting. If they merely feel threatened, which could mean you get near them or their colony, they’re on the attack. Little known fact: “Stinging insects send over half a million visitors to the hospital” each year.

2. Mosquitoes are only active at certain times.

False. (We’ve recently written about mosquitoes and how to avoid them!) Although dusk and dawn are mosquitoes more active periods, they are out and about at all times of the day. As blood-drinkers, they look for food whenever they’re preparing for reproduction.

3. One ant sighting doesn’t mean there’s an infestation.

Wrong. Once they find a good food source, ants have the magical ability to leave an invisible chemical trail for all their buddies to follow. If this source of sustenance happens to be your kitchen, then prepare for a full-blown infestation. Most ants are “harmless,” but fire ants bite and carpenter ants damage wood. Instead of figuring out which is which in your kitchen, call a professional to stop the problem from developing.

4. A clean home is a pest-free home.

Sorry. Pests don’t care about how frequently you vacuum the carpet or dust the mantel; they’re looking for a reliable source of food and shelter. Although pests like cockroaches prefer dirty places, they can survive in a sparkling clean home as long as they have access to food and water.

5.Cats and cheese are the best source of rodent control.

No. Domestic house cats typically ignore rodents. In fact, a cat raised in the wilderness might kill a mouse if it’s hungry. If you plan to capture the mouse by luring it with cheese, don’t even try; mice enjoy the finer things, like peanut butter, dried fruit, or cereal, which is why you might find them in your cabinets rather than the fridge.

6. I can get rid of bed bugs.

Dangerously false. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to treat, simply because of how hard is to find them. Professional exterminators are your best and safest solution to freeing your home from the infamous bed bug. Usually, if you try a DIY method with these creatures, you’re bound to end up with an even bigger infestation.

7 Pests can easily be controlled without professional help.

Unfortunately, false. Some bugs can be momentarily treated with DIY tactics, but these “solutions” usually don’t eliminate the problem entirely. The safest and most-guaranteed solution to complete eradication of pests is with professional help. When you’re ready, call the experts at Economic Exterminators! We handle all the pests and also offer various treatment options to fit your schedule and budget.

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