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Summer Isn’t the Only Season for Pests

Many people operate under the assumption that winter means pests go into hibernation and maintenance can fall by the wayside a little until the weather warms up. Unfortunately, these assumptions may lead to pest invasions. When you own a home, year-round yard maintenance and pest control are critical.

If you want to keep your home in tip-top shape during Savannah’s coldest months (and keep any pesky critters out of your warm, cozy abode), then follow these tips to prepare your house for winter. Although we use the term “winter” loosely in Coastal Georgia, there is the occasional chilly day!

  1.       Clean up and Clean Out

Unlike in other parts of the state, Savannah’s leaves tend to change colors quite rapidly (almost in the blink of an eye) and then promptly fall off the trees, littering your pristine yard with crunchy leaves and a thick layer of debris. These leaves will also fall into your gutters and drainage systems, potentially clogging the system. You’ll want to rake up the leaves and clean out the gutters. Not only will this fall cleaning prepare you for winter, but it will also prevent any pests from finding a home amongst the dead leaves.

  1.       Seal

Take a walk around the house. Do you see any gaps where cold air might come in (or pests)? Contrary to popular belief, roaches, spiders, and larger pests like raccoons are still quite active in the winter months, so take some time to seal any openings and check for leaky/faulty hardware.

  1.       Schedule a Maintenance Check on Your HVAC System

Soon enough, it’ll be time to turn on those heaters, so give your local heating and air specialist a call to make sure everything is ready to roll. (It’s also a good idea to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Sometimes, when the heater is turned on for the first time, the collected dust may burn and set off the fire alarm.)

  1.       Peep the Attic

Just like you seek the warmth of your home during the winter, so too do pests and other creatures, such as rats and mice. A good line of defense from any attic invasion would be crawl space encapsulation as well as simply making sure there aren’t any openings in the attic where rodents could enter.

  1.       Study the Trees

Spotting and removing dying or dead trees from your yard before winter helps prevent any strong winds (or in other parts of the country, snow) from potentially causing that tree to collapse in your yard or, worse, on your home. Speak with a landscaping company to get their opinion, and if a dying/dead tree is spotted, they’ll be able to remove it safely.

  1.       Routine Pest Control Checkup

And, of course, it’s always a great idea to have extra protection against pests in the winter. In addition to routinely making sure debris is far from the home and trash cans are closed up tightly, schedule an appointment with your pest control company as well. If you want to give your home an extra line of defense, call Economic Exterminators today!


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Don’t forget, warm weather is leaving us but not all of your pests are leaving with it. Colder weather means many pests look for harbor in warm and dry places including rodents.  We’re ready and available to help alleviate any pest issues you’re having!

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