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It’s safe to say that the majority of homes across the country have some type of four-legged friend. However, the unwanted pests that make their way into your attics and cupboards, carrying diseases and destroying the inside of your home, aren’t the friends you want.

What’s the Deal?

Did you know that rats and mice are actually part of two different species? Although both are rodents, rats tend to be medium-sized, while mice are much smaller. Generally speaking, the rats and mice that pest control companies keep an eye out for are Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice.

The size difference between rats and mice is probably the most prominent way to tell them apart. Adult rats can be roughly 18 inches (including their tail), while adult mice cap at about half that. Their tails are a bit different as well with rats’ being thicker and scaly and mice having thinner, hairy tails.

Rat Behavior:

Norway rats tend to burrow in vegetation, outside the walls of a house, or beneath patios. However, roof rats love elevation, such as attics, but (interestingly enough) they also can set up shop in bushes and tall grass. Rats have an aggressive side, especially when threatened. Rats are also scavengers who will travel far-and-wide for their food. They’re not particularly picky, so most food sources are fair game; roof rats are quite fond of fruit.

Mouse Behavior:

Mice are particularly notorious for being bacteria-and-disease-carrying creatures. They’re also in a constant state of chewing, so electrical wires, furniture, walls, and just about everything else can be in danger. Despite this, they feed on nuts, fruit, and grains usually. Mice tend to live in areas that aren’t used much, such as storage boxes and under cabinets.

These are a few of the signs that point to rodents:

·       Droppings

·       Gnaw marks and holes

·       Nests

·       Urine odor

·       Track marks from their feet

(If you notice any of these, call a pest control company ASAP.)

What to do if you spot a rodent invasion?

The top two most important things to do to help prevent rodents are eliminating food sources and sealing up gaps and holes around your home. Close trashcans, and securely seal any open containers in your kitchen and pantry. Don’t leave food out on the counter, and clean up any spills and messes.

In 2017, Terminix named Savannah the top city for roof rats. Roof rats (also called black rats) have impeccable climbing skills and prefer the climate of the coast. Despite their prominence in our city, by taking those few preventative steps and setting up a pest control maintenance plan with a professional, your home will be protected against any and all rodent tactics.

Economic Exterminators is not only familiar with the Savannah area, but we’re also knowledgeable about rats and mice. We understand their patterns, have seen the destruction they can cause, and we know how to handle their presence, quickly and effectively. All the techniques that we use for rodent control are non-invasive and safe to you and your family.

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Don’t forget, warm weather is leaving us but not all of your pests are leaving with it. Colder weather means many pests look for harbor in warm and dry places including rodents.  We’re ready and available to help alleviate any pest issues you’re having!

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