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Savannah Mosquito Control

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Reclaim Your Property with our Mosquito Control Treatment

Savannah and its coastal areas are some of the most beautiful parts of our country. Unfortunately, coastal means water, and water often means mosquitos and gnats. This means it's often difficult to enjoy the full extent of your property during the summer months. Fortunately, we have reliable mosquito control and treatment options to help you have a nuisance-free summer and enjoy 100% of your property.

How Does Our Mosquito Control Work?

Our Mosquito Control Pricing

All of the pricing below represents the cost per treatment. We conveniently offer both one time and recurring mosquito control treatments during the months of March & November. So we have you covered if you don't regularly need mosquito control but are having a party or wedding and need mosquito clearance on your property.
*pricing varies based on the amount of foliage on your property

1/4 Acre or less


1/4 Acre to 1/2 Acre


1/2 Acre to 1 Acre


Over 1 Acre

By inspection only

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