When summer rolls around, we want to be able to enjoy great weather, yummy barbeque, and the company of good friends. But when the sun starts its descent, the mosquitoes come out to play.

Why You Should Avoid Them

Our uninvited guests may seem annoying simply because of their itchy bites that last for days, but they’re also best to be avoided because of their carrying nature. Mosquito bites have the potential spread diseases like Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Once a mosquito bites a person who is already infected, the “vampire” bug then spreads the disease through its bites.

The Zika virus raised alarm within the past few years and is more serious for pregnant women or women hoping to become pregnant. Common side effects include fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes. Dengue is mainly found in the tropics and subtropics, but it’s the leading cause of illness and death in those places. Lastly, many countries have had Chikungunya outbreaks, but it’s not common in the continental US. (In any instance that you’ve been bitten by a mosquito and start showing symptoms of any of these diseases, consult your doctor.) However, it’s very important to do your research before travelling and figure out if the area you’re heading to has a mosquito problem/outbreak.

How You Can Prevent Them

1. Proper Backyard Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to practice mosquito-prevention techniques, as the number of these pests is directly related to the rising temperatures of summer. Your goal is to stop mosquitoes from finding a home in your backyard because if they do, they will immediately start breeding. Mosquitoes love warm water, so get rid of all standing, stagnant water. It’s also a good idea to clear out any dense debris that may be laying around. Lastly, you could always use nature on your side by planting natural repellents, like marigolds and citronella.

2. Wear the Right Clothing at the Right Times

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn due to the less windy conditions. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outside during these active periods, wear long sleeves, pants, and socks in lighter colors. We know it’s hot, but it’s a good prevention against bites!

3. Keep the Outdoors Outside

To stop mosquitoes from passing the threshold of your home, keep all windows and doors closed.

4. Use the Proper Tools

One of your best friends against a mosquito bite should be insect repellent. We recommend having a spray bottle in your car as well as a few in the house. You can never have too much of this stuff! Insect repellent works in your skin’s favor by making your exposed skin less attractive to mosquitoes. The EPA and CDC suggest investing in repellents that list the following as active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, IR3535 or plant-based oil of lemon eucalyptus. Try using a fan too, as mosquitoes aren’t strong fliers.

5. Call Economic Exterminators

Mosquito control is a tricky business, but luckily, it’s just what we do! We offer a variety of service plans to fit your budget and situation. 

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