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Ah spring in Southeastern Georgia: The temperature is slowly creeping up, you may venture outside more often, and summer weather is right around the corner.

News flash: Termites also love warm weather.

Unfortunately, while you’re layering on the sunscreen for a day outdoors, termites are plotting their entrance into your vulnerable home.

The plan is simple. You need a solid method of termite control.

Let’s Talk about Termites

The most popular termite in the southeastern region of America is the Subterranean Termite. These bad boys are social insects that travel in colonies. A single colony can contain millions of termites. The most prevalent types of termites in Georgia are Eastern Subterranean, Formosan Subterranean, and West Indian Powderpost. Luckily, the termite control that our staff uses will effectively rid all of these termites from your home.

Although they’re small, they are mighty. Termites alone destroy more each year than fires and floods combined! Living in the Savannah area has many perks, but being the “most termite infested part of the country” probably isn’t one of them.

Termites typically swarm in early spring—basically when the weather begins to warm and stay pleasant—and are incredibly active during the summer months. However, they’re never entirely dormant because they don’t sleep and may also find a new home during the winter months in heated buildings.

How to Squash the Swarm

1.   Eliminate Food Sources

Yes, termites eat wood. But this also includes the non-living wood that may be close to the foundation of your home, such as rotting stumps, stacked firewood, or even wooden mulch. In addition, clearing your yard of heavy brush and debris will remove potential food sources.

2.   Dry up Moisture

Much like other pests, termites need water to survive. Eliminate these moist conditions by rerouting gutters away from the foundation of your home and/or encapsulating crawl spaces.

3.   Lay the Foundation

If you’re building a home, take preventative termite control steps before the house is actually built by treating the soil and foundation. During this initial home inspection, Economic Exterminators also offers Termite Bonds, which fully insure that your home will be termite-free and stay that way.

4.   Remain Watchful  

Hopefully the following are all signs that you will never actually see (especially when you trust Economic Exterminators), but it’s important to be knowledgeable about termites. Mud tubes around the foundation of your home, in cracks, in the attic, or other crawlspaces/entry points are a major trademark of termites. These tubes are a safe pathway from the colony to their food source (i.e. usually the wooden parts of a home).

5.   Choose the Winning Side

Our staff has over 50 years of experience eliminating termites and preventing outbreaks. Although all of these steps are important, establishing a relationship with a professional exterminator is crucial. Termites are sneaky, but with a well-trained eye, we know how to combat even the slyest termite colony. Call today to schedule an appointment or ask more about our Termite Bonds!


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