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Termite Control

Savannah Termite Control

Our staff has over 50 years training in all areas of termite extermination and termite control and will help you prevent termite outbreaks in the future!. Using the Termidor liquid treatment, we keep termites subterranean…..and out of your home.

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The Inevitable Threat

Termites do more damage to homes and businesses each year than fire and floods combined. Subterranean termites are social insects that live in colonies. These colonies can contain millions of termites.The termite map shows that we live in the most termite infested part of the country.  Termites swarm in the early spring but they are always active because they never sleep.

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3 Types of Termites In The Southeast

Our Termindor treatment successfully treats the three main types of termites found in the southeast. With Economic Exterminator's Termite Control you get the peace of mind that deserve knowing that you're house 100% protected from the threat of termites.

Peace of Mind With Our Termite Bonds

Our Termite Bonds can be offered during the home inspection process, when a home is sold, or after we complete a treatment to eliminate an existing Termite infestation. When you have a termite bond you will have peace of mind that your home is termite free and fully insured in the event of the reemergence of termites.

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