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Termite Roundup: A Collection of Our Termite Control Resources

Are You Ready for Termite Season? We’ll Get You There!

The map of America can be broken down into countless categories, from where to find the best sandwich to where the worst termite activity is. Unfortunately, Coastal Georgia is located in one of two major parts of America with the worst termite infestation issues. According to the Termite Infestation Probability Zones, Georgia is categorized at the highest level, which means the probability of you running across termites during your time as a homeowner is very likely.

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Termite Control Isn’t a Suggestion—It’s a Critical Decision

Termite Control Isn’t a Suggestion—It’s a Critical Decision That Every Homeowner Should Invest In. Experts at the University of Georgia guesstimate that Georgia residents alone pay tens of millions of dollars per year to both repair damage caused by termites and treat infestations.

The two most common termites in Georgia are subterranean termites and drywood termites. Although subterranean gets the most press, both termites are prevalent in the state and can do some serious damage to your home.

To prepare for the rapidly approaching termite season, which runs from February through June (depending on the type of termite), we’ve collected our three most helpful blog posts regarding termite control. Skim the summary then dive deeper into the articles by clicking the link that follows. Of course, when you’re ready, the professionals at Economic Exterminators are waiting to field any questions and get you started on a preventative termite protection plan.


1) Termite Control: Preparing for Swarming Season

Learn more about subterranean termites and what makes them such a mighty pest. From their pack-mentality (which means way more than one termite) to the fact that they’re never entirely dormant, termites are no joke. Luckily, this particular blog post suggests a few ways that you can beat the swarm by doing some simple tasks, such as eliminating any food sources for potential colonies and getting a termite bond from Economic Exterminators.

2) What is a Termite Bond, and Why Do You Need One?

Termite bonds are a warranty between the homeowner and the pest control company. This blog post talks in more detail about why these contracts are so important to Georgia residents as well as the perks of having one. Anyone thinking of moving soon should opt for a transferable bond so that the protection can transfer to the new homeowners. Many insurance companies don’t cover termite damage, so having a warranty against any future issues would definitely ensure peace of mind.

3) Termites: Are They Hiding in Your Home?

Termites are ravenous creatures, feasting on (mostly) wood, but also plaster and metal. They can exist literally anywhere in your home, and since they begin their journey in the structure of your house, you probably won’t notice the damage until it’s too late. This blog post provides some details about termites living and eating habits as well as some steps you can take to look for any termite infestations, like taking a closer look at things you think are ants but might be baby termites. It also mentions the benefits of a crawl space encapsulation, a worthwhile investment that you can learn more about here.


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