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The Best Ways to Control Mosquitos

We think it’s safe to say that no one likes mosquitos. In Coastal Georgia, they seem to appear at just that perfect moment when the sun is shining and you’re ready to lounge around in the backyard (or do some yard work; we’re not judging how you spend your weekends).  It’s important to understand some of the best ways to control mosquitos because these blood-thirsty flying things can be dangerous for your health, as they can carry and transmit deadly diseases through their bite.

Mosquitos do buzz around the most at night, as they seek shelter from the sun during the day, so if you want to spend time outdoors, try to do it when it’s still bright and sunny.

In Georgia, mosquito season typically runs during the best times to be outside: as soon as the warm weather hits. Just as we’re ready for the days of sun and shorts, the mosquitos are gearing up as well. Mosquito season depends on the weather: They become active when the temperature reaches at least 50°. So think late March/early April through the summer and, at least in Coastal Georgia, well into the “fall” months.

Here are some tips that you can take in order to alleviate the presence of mosquitos!

Rid Your Yard of Any Standing Water

This one is a big one! Mosquitos love water—it’s their lifeline and how they reproduce. Females (which are the mosquitos that bite, too, as males feed on plants) look for water because it will allow their larvae to survive and grow. Larvae get all their nutrients from the plankton found in water. Females will lay their eggs on the surface of the water, and then these eggs/larvae feed on the bacteria around them. (Plankton are all the organisms that live in the upper-most level of standing water.) Sources of water that mosquitos love the most are the following:

  • pet dishes
  • fish ponds
  • drainage ditches
  • and basically, anything where there’s water and it’s not moving.

Control Your Lawn

So we said that mosquitos aren’t as active during the day, but that’s because they’re hiding out, relaxing in the cool, shady areas of your yard or in tall grass and overgrown shrubbery. Grass that’s roughly five inches or less might help push the mosquitos somewhere else, an especially good idea if your children and pets love running around outside.

You could also try planting natural mosquito repellents. Some plants that are known to be “unattractive” to mosquitos include citronella grass (a common ingredient in natural bug sprays), basil, and lemon balm.

Work with the Professionals

Although the aforementioned tips will certainly help in the process of decreasing the number of mosquitos in your yard, the only way to truly rid your space of this particular pest is by working with a professional pest control company (like any of our crew at Economic Exterminators!).

We begin by inspecting the property. Look for where mosquitos may congregate and then provide a price based on the size of your lot. Then comes the treating and eliminating, which DIY methods just can’t replicate. A licensed mosquito control technician will use a solution that will kill and prevent mosquitos from your yard while also being safe for your family and property. We offer both individual and reoccurring treatment plans, depending on your needs.

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