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We’re a longstanding, reputable pest control company in Savannah, Georgia. We’ve serviced thousands of customers since 1951. We’ve met with a lot prospective customers with real pest issues who seem to live by the motto, “Why spend money when you can do it yourself for free”. What’s unfortunate about the truth about DIY pest control is that we end up hearing from them in the near future when none of their pest issues have improved.

Short Term Solutions. Long Term Problems

DIY Pest Control is probably best defined by its limitations. When you hire a state licensed pest control professional you’re getting someone trained and trusted to diagnose and safely eliminate your current pest problem. This includes being able to know where to treat and what to treat with. When you do it yourself, you’re limited to over the counter solutions that normally just kill on contact and don’t provide residual, longer-term protection from your pest issue returning.

Don’t Underestimate Your Pest Problem

Yes, spraying a can of over the counter bee killer on a small wasp nest will kill the nest. Yes, putting a cup of water, dish soap, and vinegar can be a great fruit fly trap. Can you DIY yourself out of a bed bug infestation? No. Can you eliminate a German or American roach infestation inside your home? No. Can you safely control, eliminate, and prevent a mouse or rat issue within your home? Absolutely not.

The reason for this is that these pests are exponentially more resilient than whatever DIY treatments you throw their way. Pests know where to hide and it’s very likely that anything you apply based on your discretion won’t even make contact with them.

We Have the Right Solutions

A pest management professional has access to cutting edge treatments legally reserved for those who are licensed and trained to apply. This includes treating with IGR’s which are the only way to treat bed bug, flea, and roach issues. IGR stands for ‘insect growth regulators‘. These IGR’s inhibit the life cycle of the insect. They also stop it from reproducing which is key in eliminating both major and minor infestations. Your DIY chemical will never do the job in stopping your current problem and it will definitely not prevent anything from returning in the future.

But What If You Acquire Our Insecticide?

Of course, you can try to find websites online that sell the solutions we’re licensed to apply. The huge issue here is that you’re putting your family, your pets, and the environment around your home at risk. This is because you can potentially apply too little or too much in the wrong places which will either be a liability to your family and/or not even eliminate your issue.

DIY Pest Control vs. Preventive Pest Control

These issues are completely eliminated when you hire a licensed pest management professional. This person will only treat if, when, where, and with the exact application solution needed to solve and prevent your current pest issue. This is called integrated pest management.

Is saving money really worth it when you’re putting you or your family at risk? All while you’re unsuccessfully treating your pest problem? Give us a call to schedule a free inspection and we’ll take care of your pest issue quickly and safely, Guaranteed.

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