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In a recent blog post, we talked about the dangers of termite swarming season on not only your peace of mind but also on the structure of your house. We briefly mentioned this illusive term at the end of the post, something called a “termite bond.”

But what exactly does that mean?

Different than a termite letter, which is simply a report that states the presence or (hopefully) absence of termites in a home, a termite bond is often viewed as a pest control warranty between the homeowner and a pest control company, like Economic Exterminators.

There are a few important aspects to a termite bond that homeowners need to be aware of.

  1. Frequent termite inspections—If this clause is included in the bond, then the pest control company comes to your home either annually or quarterly (or during an another agreed upon time period) to check for termites.
  2. Treatment and control—If termites are discovered in your home, this clause provides an agreement that the pest control company will provide the necessary services to control and eradicate the termites. The cost of these services are usually covered by the bond (so the homeowner doesn’t have to pay any extra out-of-pocket expenses).
  3. Repair or retreatment—Depending on the pest control company, some termite bonds will also include a clause about repairing damages. Not all homes qualify for a repair bond, so inquiring about this extra service is recommended.

Termite bonds can also come in two different forms: transferrable or not. Homeowners looking to sell soon should purchase a transferable bond, so that the bond basically stays with the home and is transferred to the new homeowner. Transferable bonds are sometimes required of builders constructing new homes, acting as a guarantee that the foundation was sprayed to kill any termites and to provide a barrier of protection between the soil, natural wood, and the home, explains NFP S Surety, a nationwide surety bonds and insurance agency.

Within these categories, as was mentioned above, the termite bonds can also be categorized as termite treatment bonds, termite repair bonds, or a termite prevention/treatment/repair bond. Typically speaking, the cost of a termite bond depends on the size, location, and construction type of the home.

But why do I need a termite bond?

Unfortunately, most insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, and if you’re living in a termite-prone area (like Coastal Georgia) then investing in this peace of mind is entirely worth the price. They’re also a great investment if you’ve recently dealt with a termite infestation and are worried about the pests returning. Lastly, if you’re in the process of selling your home, having that transferable warranty to guarantee safety, treatment, and prevention of termites could be the difference between selling the home or not.

Only certified pest control companies can issue termite bonds. The termite warranties that can be purchased through Economic Exterminators are offered during a variety of phases: during the initial home inspection process, when a home is bought/sold, or after a treatment plan has been implemented to eliminate existing termites. Once purchased, the bond is an agreement between the homeowner and Economic Exterminators that termites are one less thing you need to worry about.


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